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The Larder Project


Originally just a small side-benefit of the Café Project, our free meals service quickly escalated during the COVID-19 Pandemic to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community received healthy nutritious meals during lockdown.

During this time we came into contact with many new people who would need continued help once the pandemic ended.  We decided to increase resources to The Larder Project so that we can continue to provide that help. 

It's primarily aimed to be a short-term solution whilst the reasons that created the problem are addressed.  It's also adaptable enough to meet fluctuating social needs, such as when the Government refused to continue free school dinners during school holidays in October 2020.


When the worry of where the next meal is coming from has been alleviated, you are better able to work on your other problems.

When you are receiving a nutritious diet, physical and mental health improves.

When hunger no longer fogs your brain, you can focus on learning and self-development.

All profits go towards our Larder Project

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Post Baking

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

[Mother Theresa]

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